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South London Artist, Base is best known for his expressive Ball-point pen and Acrylic merge portraits, which often feature subjects in dreamlike yet nightmarish scenes, giving truly unique and instantly recognisable Art.


This innovative style, proves that necessity is the mother of invention, in that his use of Bic Pens is primarily due to the fact they were readily available to him. The subjects that drive his Art are often focused on human relationships aligned to dry-humour. 

His life influences are informed by his Grenadian decent and Growing up in 80’s South East London at a time when the prospects for black boys were not great. This experience has driven Base to express his dissatisfaction at inequalities across all groups and uses his Artistic platform none more so than the 2016 work ‘NEW CHAINS’.

He is also known to call-out the main stream media, quoted as saying: 

“The main stream media requires significant public stupidity, I mean complicity...It feels like, some people would believe the Sky was Green if the daily Red-top told them so”. See his 2016 work ‘HEADLINES' aka 'SPIDER AND THE BIRD’.

Base is developing a style of abstract work, that has discernible imagery buried within:

“Some people see it immediately, others after a little time, then some never... but the thrill people get as they peel back each layer and the image becomes clear, is truly beautiful to me”.

This style uses a strictly limited pallet and lots of layering, to convey a piece that has depth and energy whilst holding right back on his mark making. The result is often ethereal beings in dream-like scenes. See 2016 work ‘PHANTASMAGORIA’.

baserbillion in Action
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